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straps for lute, theorbo, vihuela, baroque guitar, archilute, bandora guitern, colascione, basson, dulcian, hurdy gurdy, nyckelharpa, drums and much more...


ARION straps are created to complement various Early Music instruments.
Originaly intended for early plucked instruments, such as lute, theorbo, archilute, baroque guitar, vihuela or guitern.
In time however, the range was extended to other instruments, that need a strap for support.  
Today the ARION straps support also bassoons,  dulcians, nyckelharpas, and drums.


There are several straps available for display. One can choose any of them, or view the images to understand the construction concept.
They can also be custom made by choosing from the selection of decorative and lining fabrics. 
Each strap is unique in its choice of material combination, application of ornament details and measures.

Each strap is made to fullfil the functional and practical requirement of the individual musician and the instrument. The fabrics chosen are combining textures and decorative patterns with the wish to capture the spirit of Early Music.